If making a donation takes longer than 45 seconds, over 65% of people will abandon the attempt, with the intention of returning later. That's why we put enormous emphasis on the simplicity of the platform.

Beyond a simple giving process, we want to meet people on the device that's convenient for them, whether that's giving via text message, in a mobile app, or with a computer/tablet.


The average donor believes they make over 50% more donations per year than they actually do. For example, a donor who reports giving 50+ times per year, typically only makes 28-30 donations.

When you use Givlia, you enable people to support you as much as they already think they do. Our confirmation screens, as well as our digital receipts, give your supporters a quick option to convert a one-time donation into automatically recurring support.

Easy Administration

Accounting and administration of donations can be a huge challenge! We've worked to simplify and streamline the following common things (among others):

  • Simple batch reconcilliation
  • Annual charitable donation receipts
  • Flexible CSV records to import into your financial tools
  • One-click refunds of accidental donations