• Thomas M.
    Within just two months of using Givlia, we are already seeing almost twice as many people using automatic giving than we did with paypal. This has been a blessing for us this summer, when we normally have a lot of people out of town!
    Thomas M.
  • Gordon D.
    We use to only have an app that people could download to tithe, we found that was limiting for quite a few people in our congregation. Givlia has made it really easy for people to donate through our website, text message, and facebook.
    Gordon D.
  • Joan L.
    Text-message donations through Givlia have helped us see a lot more first time donors. On top of that, we're starting to see more recurring tithing than we used to!
    Joan L.
  • Tanya S.
    Our church has only been using Givlia for a month so I can't speak to the recurring donations yet, but from the admin perspective they make it so easy to find donors, issue refunds, and look at how much was given to each fund!
    Tanya S.
  • Chris T.
    Givlia has been a great tool for us. We have a smaller and older congregation. Historically we have seen a major summer giving slump. Our givers are wonderful and support us well, when they are in town, not snowed in, or vacationing at the lake. With Givlia, more and more people are beginning to give automatically, and are consistent in their donations no matter what their daily life looks like. This is the first summer we have seen consistent giving levels, which allows us to plan and execute our budget effectively. Thank you Givlia, for such a simple and painless tool!
    Chris T.

About us:

Givlia's team is a diverse group of philanthropists, pastors, software developers, and entrepreneurs. Each of us has seen churches and non-profits impacted by unnecessary complexity in donation tools, and price gouging by software companies and merchant processors. Our mission...